I was staring at the ground when she spoke, and I felt my body respond and draw toward her as if each of my cells wished to reach across the space between us and join hers. What was she asking me? I lifted my head and my eyes found hers. I licked my lips, hoping, yearning, needing a kiss.

“May I carry your books?”

When Kate Portal realized she had a knack for picking partners with rough edges, she decided to stay single. But when captivating, smooth Amanda Knight approaches her, Kate is inexplicably drawn to her. Even when Kate fears she is losing her mind just as her mother had, she is unable to turn Amanda away.

And when Amanda tells her they are soul mates as well as Brightlings – beings with supernatural powers that battle the evil Darklings; a battle that has gone on for centuries – Kate has to decide if she will return to the boring life of a student or embrace the supernatural and continue kissing Amanda.

Gripping and provocative, Kissing Amanda is a fast-paced, romantic fantasy that will keep you in its grip until the final page and beyond.

That night, I dreamt of Amanda. She walked into my cabin, closed the door, leaned against it, and stood considering me with one hand tucked into the pocket of her baggy jeans. “Come here,” she whispered. I rose and went to her. She pulled me into her arms and placed her lips softly on mine.
Drawing back, she gazed into my eyes. I leaned forward, and she moved back again. “Kate, what do you want?” she asked. Her voice was filled with urgency and confusion, and I couldn’t understand how she could be confused. The answer was the same as it had always been and always would be.
“Are you sure?”
“Always.” I pressed against her, and she brought her lips to mine with that feather lightness that made me crazy. The tip of her tongue touched my upper lip. I tried to grasp it between my lips, but she drew back again.
“Wait, Kate,” she said. “Don’t rush. There’s no hurry.”
But I knew we had to hurry. Time was slipping away, and I knew there wasn’t enough. Not for this. Not for us. “Please,” I begged.

Kate has rescued her long believed dead father from Frost’s cellar, and they have escaped to the forests of Rozanwood, The Robyn’s home. There, she discovers a community of Brightlings that have been waiting on Amanda and her for years, but Kate has arrived without her soul mate, and according to the Brightlings, she isn’t whole without Amanda. As Kate trains her body and mind for the long expected war, she vacillates between hatred of Amanda, rage at Amanda, and sorrow over her loss of Amanda.
Will the darkness encompass Kate, or will she walk into the light of the Brightlings?

Amanda unearthed darkness burrowed so deep within Kate even Arabella, Rozanwood’s strongest healer, is worried. But the war must be won.

Reynard must be defeated.

As well as the Dark One.

Action packed and full of surprises, Defeating Darkness is filled with swords, magic, and romance as Kate and Amanda face their final trial. This paranormal, coming of age fantasy novel will hold you spellbound, then leave you wanting more.

This book contains strong language and explicit scenes

“What is this, Kate?” Hearing the note of fear in her voice, I opened my eyes.

I looked down. “It’s the scar from Reynard’s snake biting me.”

“It didn’t heal?” The fear in her voice spiked.

Wanting to return the feeling of wholeness we had experienced just moments before, I tried to sooth her. “Well, yeah, it healed. That’s just a scar.”

Amanda lay her head on my stomach, her eyes inches from the scar. Suddenly self-conscious, I tried to cover it with my hands.

“You need to have this looked at, Kate,” she said in a grave voice.

The dream I’d had of Amanda pulling a dandelion from that very spot burst into my mind. She’d said, “Kill it, Kate…Kill it while you still can.” I rolled onto my stomach; I didn’t want her looking at it, touching it.

“Let’s go,” Amanda said.

“Where?” I mumbled into the pillow.

“To the healers’ hut. You’re getting that looked at.”

“Amanda, no! It’s just a scar!”

“Kate, a Brightling healed this. There shouldn’t be a scar! Now, come on, or I’ll go there and bring Bernd back.”

Despite Kate's resolve to stay single, she can't resist Amanda, and she doesn't know why. When they finally get together, sparks fly.

Deleted erotic scenes from the Brightling Becoming series.

Looking for something thought provoking. Look no further.


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