E. A. Fry was born and raised in Illinois, but now lives in Troy, Missouri with her wife, Amanda. She has three daughters, 4 grandsons, and two granddaughters. A former English teacher, Elizabeth is now able to stay home and write full time. The Brightling Becoming Series is her first published work.

Her free time is spent doing projects of all kinds--from sewing curtains to digging her own pond so that her back yard is beneficial to wildlife. Elizabeth is a voracious reader and loves discovering new, talented authors.

The observer in me has always
been fascinated with the things I don’t see with my eyes.  I decided to make a living from it.  I write fantasy fiction that allows others to
see the great colorful movies that stream constantly across the eye of my
mind.    I hope you enjoy them as much as
I do.

When I’m not writing I can be
found near the PS3, as my partner Amanda is connected to it through invisible
electronic tentacles, thus cannot live long without logging in.  However, the good news is she will, on
occasion, play split screen with me.  The
even better news is when she is at work my oldest daughter, her sons and I have
a field day taking turns playing split screen. 
Of course, this is devastating for Amanda’s kill/death ratio, but
sometimes a girl just has to shoot something.

I like wizards and druids and
elves and dragons and knights and Brightlings and Darklings and romance and
young heroes and heroines and spooky things that make you blink and wonder if
you just really saw that or not.  I like
it when the good guys/gals win, so that’s what I read and write about. 

One really important thing
you should know about me?  I ALWAYS make
sure my closet door is completely closed before I go to bed at night.  After all, who really knows what’s in there
peeking out at you while you sleep?

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