Thursday, October 25, 2012

Amanda sent me a text from work Tuesday that said "A building crumbling around us and we have to find a way out.  Amanda."

Well, as you can imagine I absolutely FREAKED OUT!  Last year during the horrible tornadoes here in St. Louis, a woman hid under a desk because the building she was in was hit by a tornado and the roof fell in.

This year, thirty foot tall shelves full of boxes and files and x rays crashed to the ground one after another like dominoes.

And then I get this text.  I immediately text back asking, "Are you serious?"  No answer.  I blew up both her  phones.  No answer.  I called my oldest daughter, Christina, who pulled her children out of school early and was racing over here to be with me because we didn't know which building Amanda was in, so we couldn't go look for her.  There are several buildings and more than one location for Amanda's work.

I called my middle daughter, Jennifer, who assured me that Amanda was fine, but she was helping everyone get out of the building before she got out herself because that's how Amanda is.   I knew that was true, too, but it didn't make me feel better.

A couple of hours later, Amanda called me back.  Guess what?  It was an idea for the book.

Will the characters have to escape from a crumbling building?  Maybe so, because when I thought real life Amanda was, I was in an absolute panic.

Kissing Amanda coming soon.


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